కృష్ణానగరే మామ – Krishna Nagare Mama

Sometimes, I am quite enraged by the way in which top notch movies fail miserably at the box office. When the average cinegoer rambles about how Telugu movies are becoming so cliché, it smacks of hypocrisy. A more ripened version of him, who most likely passes his time dabbling with short films is going to run after views, likes and hits despite his vast knowledge of what constitutes an artsy movie. I agree, it is hard to be true to yourself once you enter an industry irrespective of the passion you start off with. But, empathize, people! especially when someone makes an effort towards the progress of the art itself and spare a thought for how much of mindless talking, how much of frantic travel, and how much of fruitless labour put forth by people just like you is required in order to just get it to the screen near you.

I really started thinking about this as I myself am heading towards academia, where even the ridiculously talented, borderline superhumans bite the dust for ‘wasting’ their efforts on challenging but not-so-popular problems. And that is exactly why my heart goes to the countless junior artists, who unfortunately, by listening to their inner voices just like every burgeoning adult, choose to thrive in a far less meritocratic system while sticking to their principles.

Bhaskarbhatla Ravikumar had in fact vocalized these very feelings with the song ‘Krishna Nagare Mama’, named after ‘Krishna Nagar‘ (duh!), a hub for budding actors,  in the multiple-Nandi award winning film (yes, you heard me right!) ‘Neninthe‘. The movie includes excerpts from the personal lives of Puri Jagannadh and Ravi Teja, who I must add, totally deserved the best actor award for his performance (although he was just being his au naturel ‘Bewars‘). Even the song hints at some of the struggles of Bhaskarbhatla – which is further elaborated in this video. I am intentionally avoiding the vocalist Chakri, who through his nasal homages to Himmesh Reshamiyya does the damage to our auditory senses (we need an ENT on the scene now!)

Unfortunately, this movie had performed abysmally collection wise as  the audience never did justice to the guts required to make such a film in the first place. Four years later, Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Heroine‘, which was also an introspection of the cinema industry, however, garnered immense praise and shattered several collection records (Sigh! the unpredictability of success).

Also,  I haven’t found any other site on which you could even find the lyrics for this song. So here’s my hopefully everlasting contribution to the internet!

కృష్ణానగరే మామ! కృష్ణానగరే మామ!
సినిమాలే Life రా మామ. Life అంతా సినిమా మామ
ఎటు చూసినా కథలే మామ, కడ తేరని కలలే మామ
పని ఉంటే మస్తురా మామ లేదంటే పస్తులు మామ

కడ = direction
తేరు = to extend (directionless dreams)
మస్తు = abundant (alternatively ‘awesome’ – predominantly used in Telangana)
పస్తు = fasting

‘It is like Krishna Nagar! It is like Krishna Nagar!
Movies are life and life itself is just movies.
No matter where I see, I visualise stories and directionless dreams.
If we have jobs, it would be awesome or else we just have to starve’

అయ్యో! కన్నీళ్లు ఉన్నా, అయ్యో! కష్టాలు ఉన్నా సంతోషమేరా
అయ్యో! ఈ దారిలోనా, అయ్యో! ఏ ముల్లు ఉన్నా మాకు ఇష్టమే రా!
చలో చలో చెయ్యి కలపరా మామ, తడో పెడో తేల్చేద్దాం మామ
అనుక్షణం ఇక struggle లే మామ, అయినా సరే వదిలి వెళ్లము మామ!

ముల్లు = thorn
తడో పెడో = తడ (hindrance) + పెడులు (cracks)  – ‘Hindrances or cracks to our lives, let us tackle them now!’

‘Alas! Even if there are tears, Alas! even if there are difficulties, we are happy.
Alas! this path, no matter how many thorny, we will enjoy treading it.
Join hands with me, my friend. Hindrances or cracks to our lives, let us tackle now!
Every moment, from now on, is a struggle, but still, we will not surrender’

ఎన్నెన్నో ఆశలు ఉన్నవి, ఏవేవో ఊహలున్నవి
Blood అంతా సినిమా సినిమా అని ఎలిపెట్టి చంపుతున్నది
కన్నవారిని కన్న ఊరిని ఉన్నపాటుగా వదిలేసి వచ్చాము
పిచ్చి పిచ్చిగా నచ్చి నచ్చి ఈ సినిfield లో దూకేశాము

ఎలిపెట్టు = make a noise

‘So many aspirations, so many dreams!
Cinema has filled my veins and its clamour is destroying me.
We have left our families, our hometown!
Movies have deluded us and we thus jumped into this field’

ఏ మోసాలు చెయ్యము , ఏ నేరాలు చెయ్యము
ఏ ఘోరాలు చెయ్యము , ఏ మాకేంటి భయము
తిండి ఉన్నా లేకున్నా మాకేనాడు problem కాదే
Setలోన light వేస్తే మా కడుపు నిండిపోద్ది
One dayలో star అంటే అది చూశే అంత easy కాదే
ఏళ్లో, ఎన్ని ఏళ్లో కన్నీళ్ల కష్టముందే!

ఘోరాలు = horrific acts
నిండిపోద్ది = నిండిపోతుంది

‘We will not cheat, we will not commit crimes,
We won’t be a part of any horrifying act, so why should we fear?
The lack of food will never be a problem because
the lights on the set are enough to fill our stomachs
To become a star in a day is not so easy as
there is always years of effort behind an overnight success’

Shootingఏ జరిగినప్పుడు , ప్రతి రోజు పెళ్లి సందడే
సినిమా పూర్తయ్యినప్పుడు అందరికి అప్పగింతలే
కోడి కూతకే గంట ముందుగా నిద్ర లేవడం మాకే సొంతం
వానలొచ్చినా వరదలొచ్చినా timeకి ఎప్పుడు మేము ఉంటాము

సందడి = clamour
అప్పగింత = delivery (once the shoot is done, life is all about delivering to distributors)
‘కోడి కూతకే గంట ముందుగా నిద్ర లేవడం మాకే సొంతం’ – Haha, respect!
వరదలు = floods

‘Whenever shooting is scheduled, every day seems like a wedding ceremony
Once we are done, life is all about delivering to distributors
We are the ones who wake up an hour before the rooster’s crow
Even if we are washed by rains, even if we are hit by floods, we will always be on time’

మేము acting చేస్తాము, మేము fighting చేస్తాము
మేము music చేస్తాము, మేము magic చేస్తాము
మతి పోయే talent, కసి మాలోనే ఉంది రా భాయి
యేదో ఒక రోజు అది బయట పడుతుందిరోయి!
సరదాకి మీరంతా మా సినిమాలే చూస్తారండి
అయినా మేమంటే ఓ చిన్న చూపులే అండి!

కసి = passion
భాయి = elder brother (Also this unfortunately)

‘We act, we fight, we play music and we even perform magic.
Mindbogglingly talented, incredibly passionate – that is what we are, brother!
We will have our minutes of fame some day.
It is for your entertainment that you watch our fruits of labour.
And yet, we are minions in society!’


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