ఎంత వరకు – Entha Varaku

Gamyam is an awesome watch and probably due to the director Krish (రాధాకృష్ణ జాగర్లముడి). BTW thanks for requesting this song and hope I do justice to the lucidly written lyrics by Sirivennela, who in fact got a Nandi award for this song in 2008. The sheer simplicity was an extra effort so that the predominant movie audience who are youth wouldn’t find it difficult to understand him. Also, Allari Naresh does a very good job at acting but what I find interesting are his contributions to the Telugu language – the phrases ‘జంప్ జిలాని’ and ‘జఫ్డా’ (used in conjunction with జఫ్ఫా though) via this movie which are now used quite commonly . I would really appreciate if somebody can elaborate on the etymology. And for those of you wondering, the bike is a Honda CBR600F4i.

ఎంతవరకు ఎందుకొరకు వింత పరుగు అని అడక్కు
గమనమే నీ గమ్యమైతే బాటలోనే బ్రతుకు దొరుకు
ప్రశ్నలోనే బదులు ఉండే గురుతు పట్టే గుండెనడుగు
ప్రపంచం నీలో ఉన్నదని చెప్పేదాక ఆ నిజం తెలుసుకోవా
తెలిస్తే ప్రతి చోట నిను నువ్వే కలుసుకుని పలకరించుకోవా

‘Don’t ask till when and for what are we running this weird rat race for. If the journey itself is made the goal, then you will find what life is along your path. Try asking the heart which can identify the answer within a question! Won’t you understand that the world is within you unless told? And if you know, won’t you meet and greet yourself everywhere?’

కనపడవెన్నెన్ని కెరటాలు కలగలిపి సముద్రమంటారు
అడగరు ఒక్కొక్క అల పేరు…
మనకిలా ఎదురైన ప్రతివారు మనిషనే సంద్రాన కెరటాలు
పలకరే మనిషి అంటే ఎవరు..
సరిగా చూస్తున్నదా నీ మది
గదిలో నువ్వే కదా ఉన్నది
చుట్టూ అద్దాలలో విడి విడి రూపాలు నువ్వు కాదంటున్నది
నీ ఊపిరిలో లేదా గాలి వెలుతురు నీ చూపుల్లో లేదా
మన్ను మిన్ను నీరు అన్నీ కలిపితే నువ్వే కాదా, కాదా

‘Don’t we see so many tides? We just refer to them as a whole thorugh the word ‘sea’. Why don’t you ask for the name of each of them? Every person we meet is a crest in the sea of humanity. Why don’t you recognize them when asked?’
‘Is your mind watch things carefully? You are the one who is here. But it conveys that the different forms in these mirrors are not you (This is a metaphor for how the same person is described differently by the people around him by referring to them as mirrors of character)’
‘Isn’t the air and light in your breath? Aren’t you made from the same things as the earth, sky and the oceans?’

మనసులో నీవైన భావాలే బయట కనిపిస్తాయి దృశ్యాలై
నీడలు నిజాల సాక్ష్యాలే
శత్రువులు నీలోని లోపాలే స్నేహితులు నీకున్న ఇష్టాలే
ఋతువులు నీ భావ చిత్రాలే
ఎదురైన మందహాసం నీలోని చెలిమి కోసం
మోసం రోషం ద్వేషం నీ మకిలి మది భాష్యము
పుటక చావు రెండే రెండు నీకవి సొంతం కావు పోనీ
జీవిత కాలం నీదే నేస్తం రంగులు ఏం వేస్తావో కాని

మకిలి = dirty
భాష్యము = commentary

‘The thoughts in your mind manifest as images. The shadows are the witnesses of reality. Enemies are just weaknesses within you and friends are just a result of what appeals to you and the seasons are just a reflection of your feelings’
‘A smile you encounter is a call for your friendship. Deceit, anger and hatred are just comments passed by your corrupted mind’
‘Birth and death are the only two things which you cannot own for sure. Forget it! Your lifetime however is yours and is up to you to fill it with the colours of your choice’


2 thoughts on “ఎంత వరకు – Entha Varaku

  1. Translation of the lyrics of some great writers into english makes more people to know about the meaning and philosophy of the Telugu literature. I like the way you present the lyrics in Telugu script and the related meaning in english. You’re spreading knowledge. You’re doing really great work. Keep it up.

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