ఆరడుగుల బుల్లెట్టు – Aaradugula Bullet

I’ve received a request asking me to do a ‘powerful’ song and being the person who takes things literally just for teh lulz, I decided to do one of Power Star’s. And for those of you who had the ఛత్రపతి title song in the back of their mind, I apologize as I won’t be doing it even in the future as the lyrics are grossly incoherent and long sections of the song are just collections of fear-invoking Sanskrit words.

Nowadays, it is common for Telugu movies to have an intro song for the protagonist, a template I could trace back to పోకిరి. Although that itself is enough to carry a tone of energy and enthusiasm, Sri Mani did an excellent job at creating an exuberant masterpiece and in fact, so good that I decided to get this onto my blog before any of the classics from yesteryear. And about the movie, just go watch it! All those records it set are for a reason. I think the film (sans the forcefully augmented comedy bits) is a rare entity and has set a new benchmark for the industry.

I included this link despite its horribly transliteralized lyrics as it probably will not be broken for some time to come. And yes, I don’t own any parts of the song and have just merely placed a link and as you would have observed, I make it a point to reshare only links of entities which own the rights. (Stop Piracy!)

గగనపు వీధి వీడి వలస వెళ్లిపోయిన నీలి మబ్బు కోసం
తరలింది తనకు తానే ఆకాశం పరదేశం
శిఖరపు అంచు నుంచి నేల జారి పోయిన నీటి చుక్క కోసం
విడిచింది చూడు నగమే తన వాసం వనవాసం

నగము = mountain

‘For the sake of a thin, rainless cloud which migrated, the sky, on its own, set out to a strange land. For the sake of a drop of water which rolled into the forest down its slope, look! The mountain itself left its spot to live in the woods’

This line, so succinctly, summarizes the entire story and flawlessly rhymes, something we don’t see even in poems, I should add.

భైరవుడొ భార్గవుడొ భాస్కరుడొ మరి రక్కసుడో
ఉక్కు తీగలాంటి ఒంటి నైజం
వీడు మెరుపులన్ని ఒక్కటైన తేజం

భైరవుడు = an epithet of Shiva, also used for someone who evokes fear
భార్గవుడు = an epithet of Parasurama
భాస్కరుడు = the sun
రక్కసుడు = Rakshasa (వికృతి)
నైజం = character

‘Is he a mighty saviour and like Shiva, Parasurama or even the sun, or is he just an evil Rakshas?’
‘His character is as strong as a steel cable’
‘He is the brightness of all lightning combined’

రక్షకుడొ తక్షకుడొ పరీక్షలకే సుశిక్షితుడో
శత్రువు అంటు లేని వింత యుద్ధం
వింది గుండె లోతు గాయమైన శబ్దం

రక్షకుడు = protector
తక్షకుడు = Takshaka

‘Is he a protector, a robber or one who punishes even the challenges laid out to him’
‘He seems to be fighting a strange war where there are no enemies’
‘All we hear are sounds of hurting the depths of the heart’

నడిచొచ్చె నర్తన శౌరీ
పరిగెత్తే పరాక్రమ శైలి
హలాహలం హరించిన ధగ్ ధగ్ హృదయుడో

శౌరి = an epithet for Krishna (Dancing Krishna idols are a common sight)
పరాక్రమ = fearless
శైలి = mannerism
హలాహలము = A lethal venom (The story is quite well-known though)

‘His walk carries the grace of a dancing idol. His is a fearless and dashing personality. Is he the Lord Shiva whose heart could digest even the most lethal poison?’

వీడు ఆరడుగుల బుల్లెట్టు
వీడు ధైర్యం విసిరిన రాకెట్టూ

దివి నుంచి భువి పైకి భగ భగ మని కురిసేటి
విన్పించని కిరణం చప్పుడు వీడు
వడివడిగ వడగళ్లై ధడ ధడమని జారేటి
కనిపించని జడి వానేగ వీడూ
శంఖంలొ దాగేటి పోటెత్తిన సంద్రం హోరు ఇతడు
శోకాన్నే దాచేసే అశోకుడు వీడురో

దివి = sky
భువి = earth
భగభగ = noise made by blazing fire
వడగళ్ళు = hailstones
జడివాన = torrential rain (I guess ‘torrent’ should translate to జడి!)
సంద్రము = sea (సముద్రము)
శోకం = sorrow

This stanza has many sound symbolisms (Onomatopoeia, if you haven’t read the ones before) and not all are commonly used. They have been used to instill an alliterative effect. Also, I can’t vouch for the fact that Pawan Kalyan is six feet tall.

‘He is the silent noise made by the intense rays of sunlight which fall to the ground from the sky. He is indeed the transparent torrential rain and the outpouring of hailstones’.
‘He is the sound of the angry sea which hides itself in shells. He is the reincarnation of Asoka, who hides all sorrow from the world’

తన మొదలే వదులుకొని పైకెదిగిన కొమ్మలకి
చిగురించిన చోటుని చూపిస్తాడు
తన దిశనే మార్చుకొని ప్రభవించే సూర్యుడికి
తన తూరుపు పరిచయమే చేస్తాడు
రావణుడో రాఘవుడో మనసును దోచే మాధవుడో
సైనికుడో శ్రామికుడో అసాధ్యుడు వీడురో

ప్రభవించు = literally means born but rise in this case
రాఘవుడు = descendent of Raghu, used as an epithet of Rama
మాధవుడు = a name for Vishnu and in this context, Krishna
అసాధ్యుడు = invincible

‘He is the one who leaves his own foundation for the sake of showing fertile land to the budding shoots’
‘He is the one who changes his own direction to show the rising Sun the direction of rising’ (no matter how mighty, he teaches them how to rise)
‘Is he Ravana, Rama or the enchanter of women, Krishna?’
‘Is he a soldier, a labourer, but all in all, he is invincible’


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  1. అద్భుతం! అమోఘం! చాలా ధన్యవాదాలు అండీ! (magnificent! Terrific!thank u so much.)

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